Beautycounter on the Today Show!

My new favorite company, not just for their amazing products, but also for the mission they stand by was featured on the Today show on Tuesday. Two of our favorite products, the Dew Tint SPF 20 and the concealer pen are shown in a 4 minute make-up routine. Check out how you can get ready in less then 4 minutes and out the door with these safe and great products! Order your favorites here!

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DIY..Girl Headband Holder

First time around having a girl was actually 2 girls for me…so you can imagine their dress ensemble each day consisted of a onesie and well, that is it. This time around, since I am only having 1 girl, I decided that I would be that mom who has her daughter in an adorable headband at all times. Atleast, this is my thought process right now. So, I wanted something where I can view my babies collection of headbands to pick out the perfect dainty head piece to accompany each outfit and not just stick them in a drawer or bin. Long and behold, I found this DIY headband holder and it worked out perfectly! You only need a few items:

-Candle stand/holder

-Empty Oatmeal container

-Cute fabric

-hot gun

I pretty much grabbed a silver candle stand from Ikea and then wrapped my Oatmeal container in burlap (of course!) and then added a little lace and ribbon to make it more girly! I used a hot glue gun to secure all the fabric in place and again hot glue to mount it on the stand! It turned out adorable! Check out this one I just made!


Here are more in depth instructions on how to make from

DIY: Headband Holder


Finally! Safe Beauty Products!

I am so excited and passionate about what I am going to share with you, that I couldn’t even wait until next week for my next blog post to get this information to you! I attended yet another “hosted party” from one of my neighbors last night. It was called a “Beauty Counter” social, and as I approached the house, I had my mind set I would support my neighbor and purchase one or two products that I was in need of even though I knew it would be hard since I was 8 months pregnant and finding something that would be safe for me to use on my skin while nursing for the future year would be difficult. I am going to skip over how good the spread of apps, drinks and treats were, and get right to the point. “Beauty Counter” didn’t only mean a counter with beauty products…but it meant that this company was countering everything all the other companies did by NOT using harmful chemicals, and BY listing every single item in the product on the label (which for your information, it is actually legal not to list all items).  I learned that laws governing our cosmetic industry date back to 1938!!! OMG! That was forever ago and nothing has been changed since then??  I also learned that the European Industry has 1,300 chemicals that are banned from use in beauty products, and the US has only banned 11……11 folks, that is no typo! At this point I almost started to get sick to my stomach realizing that we are putting toxin after toxin, chemical after chemical and harming our bodies, our childrens bodies, and babies left and right. The Beauty Counter is doing something different and being not only crystal clear about the ingredients that are in their products, but have also teamed up with celebrity make up artist Christy Coleman to make sure that the make up actually works….and that it is a quality product that does its job! What better then fabulous products and make up and to KNOW that we are not harming our bodies with chemicals that have been known to cause birth defects, learning disabilities, and cancer. Win. Win. Did I say enough? Oh, one more thing, I didn’t just walk out with my 1 or 2 products…I actually bought the largest package of skin care products they offered and know that it will be an investment in my future and health! You have to check out the video below to hear more about this fabulous new company and I promise, it will change you forever! Also, feel free to email me at to see how you can become involved with Beauty Counter!


DIY Gentle Wash & Shampoo

Okay, so one of the main reasons I have become so curious about learning about every essential oil there is would be because baby #4 is arriving soon, and we all know how everyone becomes a clean freak around a newborn to keep sickness and germs away. Well, I also decided that now is the time to get some of the chemicals and toxins out of my house and try to use as many as natural and organic products as possible. One thing I am definitely looking forward to trying is the Gentle Wash & Shampoo recipe that combines some calming essential oil into it to help relax and soothe the little one. The recipe is courtesy Melissa, an Oil expert, and I know that this end product will be great and I can’t wait to try it out!



-6 oz. Dr. Bronner’s Mild Liquid Castille Soap

-10 Drops Chamomile or Lavender Essential Oil

-5 Drops of Vitamin E Oil


Combine all ingredients and shake well before each use. This Recipe is good for both adults and children and you may dilute with water for use on infants and toddlers.

ENJOY! And feel free to let me know if you have any additions to this recipe to make it even more gentle and soothing to the little ones! I always love hearing about alternative recipes!



DIY Face Serum

After searching for a great DIY face Serum, I finally decided on the following ingredients for my first DIY face Serum Recipe that were used by many bloggers and oil lovers, yet don’t break the bank. Surfing the web, I found the best carrier oil to use is Jojoba Oil which is great for healing and moisturizing all skin types. It can carry ingredients deep into the skin and is absorbed quickly. Jojoba Oil also has anti-inflammatory properties and is sold at a great price point on sites such as Amazon for $13.27. I also included the carrier oil, Argan oil which is great for hair, face, and skin. I chose to use a few drops of Lavender, one of the most well known essential oils. Lavender not only helps regenerate skin cells and lightens the appearance of age spots and scars, but is also used to treat various skin disorders such as wrinkles, acne, psoriasis, and other inflammatory conditions and burns. Frankincense is the 2nd oil used in this serum and also promotes regeneration of healthy cells and keeps the existing cells and tissues healthy along with powerful astringent capabilities to help tone and tighten skin. When purchasing my essential oils, I found that the best quality and pure oils are found in the Young Living Essential oils, where the company produces a product that is genuine, free of synthetic chemicals, and unmatched purity.



1 Tablespoon Jojoba Oil

1/2 Tablespoon Argan Oil

2-4 Drops lavender essential oil

2-4 Drops Frankincense essential oil

1 Glass amber spray bottle

Mix Ingredients in a glass amber spray bottle or drop bottle. Use a couple drops or 1-2 sprays for an amount that covers your face without leaving extra oil on the face.

After applying the face serum, i noticed it has a very light, silky, soft feel to it. I was worried my face would feel greasy, but was pleasantly surprised on the fresh feel! Here is to looking younger and having healthier skin in a natural way!




Hello #4….well not quite yet!

4 Wittle Ones is the name of this blog…..but not for approximately 6 more weeks. My name is Stacie Marie and I am due to have my 4th…yes 4th kid AHHHHHHH in 6 weeks from now and I am scared, excited, and anxious all at the same time. To be honest, I never thought I would have 4 kids….I always thought 3 is the number I would end up with, but apparently the man upstairs had a different plan and I willingly followed.  A little background info to catch you up…. After being married in 2010 for a few months, my husband and I became pregnant with identical twin girls, you think I am saying Ahh about having a 4th, you should have seen the Ahhhhhhhhhhhh about when we heard there was 2 heartbeats! Amazingly enough, our twin girls were sleeping through the night at 3 months old and on such a great schedule they were pretty good. So of course, why wouldn’t we want to get pregnant again when they were only 14 months old??? And that led us to our 3rd child, a boy, born 8 days after the twins turned 2. Not the best idea ever, I don’t really recommend that timing! From that moment on, we were done, done, done…life was hectic, 3 in diapers…2 running in opposite directions and 1 not sleeping through the night for a year. Of course with time, everything gets easier, and easier, to the point where my mind started thinking, “maybe I am not done having kids.” Well that would last a minute and then I would snap back to reality. After a few months of this battle in my head, I did know one thing….I am not one that wants to regret something, so became scared to death that if I didn’t have a 4th, I would be thinking about it, Well, forever. And then we were pregnant with our 4th….due in April….another princess to complete our family. Yes, I said Complete…I may be a little crazy but not totally wacky! This blog is going to be my outlet, my resource for advice, my documenting what works and what doesn’t and well, really just my friend. So join in and laugh, cry, and scream with me….anyone with kids needs someone to lean on and exchange information with whether it be health advice for the little ones, or activities to keep them busy….so lets do this!